About Laini

Laini Cosmetics

As a very young girl, I recognized my burning desire for fashion and beauty.  I was born with it; it is in my DNA.  I am certain that my blood type is infused with structured handbags, platform peep toe pumps, lipstick and lots of creativity.

My dream was to be a runway model.  Every Saturday morning, I would anxiously wait to watch my favorite television show, Style with Elsa Klensch.  I was captured by the beautiful clothes and models that so effortlessly walked the runway as well as Elsa Klensch’s individual style and expertise as a writer, producer and host.

Throughout my journey I recognized my entrepreneurial spirit and the calling to assist women on what I describe as “the red carpet of life.”   

I understand the need for versatile quality cosmetics that complement your fashion choices and your 24/7 lifestyle to confidently take you from the boardroom to the boudoir in minutes.

Laini Cosmetics are the highest standards of pigments and ingredients specializing in an extensive color selection for all skin tones.  Laini Cosmetics are paraben free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, and not tested on animals. 

Step into the spotlight and see yourself in a beautiful new light with Laini Cosmetics!